“Food for Thought” Roundtable

Are you on a special diet for health reasons? Did your friend get caught up in some passing fad diet? On October 17th, FPOP co-sponsored a roundtable discussion with the P&S group “Food for Thought” at which CUMC students joined Dr. Sharon Akabas of The Institute for Human Nutrition to discuss nutrition in special diets and their possible unintended consequences. Whether you have a serious food allergy or have decided to eliminate a food group, like dairy, you may want to become familiar with the potential nutritional deficiencies that go along with your diet. There are plenty of alternative products to meet the needs of most diets, you just need to be a savvy consumer! Dr. Akabas busted some food myths with a look at the literature, and shared ideas for the direction of future research. Students came in with questions and concerns and left with both their hunger for knowledge as well as their hunger for a delicious vegetarian meal satisfied!


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