The Weekly – April 4

The Weekly


Vegetarian burgers

A Vegetarian Burger Bash, By Tara Parker-Pope, Recipe Courtesy of Martha Rose Shulman, The New York Times

Parker Pope covers a range of topics from exercise and nutrition to childhood bullying. Check out March 30’s post featuring five different recipes for homemade veggie burgers! Try making a big batch and freezing individually wrapped patties for quick, easy, and healthy weeknight meals.


Food, INC. A Participant’s Guide

Food Inc A Participant's guide

Did you like the movie? You will love the participant’s guide! This guide shares 25 in depth essays from thinkers and agri-experts sure to shake up your perceptions of our food system!


Killer at Large

Killer at large

“Killer at Large” hopes to uncover how little is actually being done to combat the obesity epidemic in the U.S. and what everyday citizens can do to reverse the trends. This film features notable events and interviews with Former President Clinton, former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, Senator Sam Brownback, and authors and renowned experts such as Michael Pollan, and Dr. Kelly Brownell.


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