What will the FPOP E-board be doing this summer?

See how we are getting involved this summer to help prevent obesity and promote food policy!!!

Jaclyn Clenney, FPOP President, will be flying across the country to sunny Los Angeles, where she will be working with Mayor Villaraigosa’s Los Angeles Food Policy Council. Her duties may include assisting the Policy Director with the expansion of the Market Conversion Program, which helps store owners in low-income neighborhoods convert their convenience stores into affordable, healthy food markets. She may also be working on a food shed assessment. But she’s most exciting about finding opportunities to volunteer at local school gardens doing nutrition education and cooking demonstrations.

Tanya, FPOP Secretary/Treasurer, will be continuing her research with Dr. Gina Lovasi at Mailman.  Tanya is analyzing the distribution and density of commercial physical activity facilities in New York over the past 20 years.  Research to date studying the association of the built environment with obesity has been dependent on cross-sectional studies.  The study Tanya is part of is innovative in that it is attempting a longitudinal characterization of change in the environment, which will enable better causal statements.  When she’s not data crunching, Tanya will be out for many long runs under the sun, and enjoying the summer harvest!

Erica, FPOP Vice President, will be be enjoying the New York City summer heat while taking summer classes at Mailman and working at HealthCorps as their Research and Efficiency Manager. As the Research Manager, Erica will be helping to develop the quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools needed to assess Dr. Oz’s nonprofit, Healthcorps, which is a community based organization fighting obesity in high schools across the nation. Otherwise, you will be able to find Erica taking advantage of the city’s food trucks, summer festivals and Fort Tilden beach.

Andrea, FPOP Director of Communications, will be working at the NYC Mayor’s Office within the Office of the Food Policy Coordinator. She will be writing policy briefings as well as updating the NYC Food website and Twitter feed on an array of food topics, including the Summer Meals Program and the Green Carts Initiative. Andrea is looking forward to working closely with the Food Policy Coordinator on new food initiatives to be announced this summer. With a new membership to her local CSA, she is excited to cook with truly fresh vegetables. In her spare time Andrea hopes to improve her barefoot running stride and prepare for a half-marathon in the Fall, and of course continue updating the FPOP website and Facebook page with yummy summertime recipes and blog posts from the e-board!

Willow, FPOP Marketing and Design Coordinator, is off to join the circus! She has been hired by Circus Smirkus to redesign their food procurement system to help in the company’s efforts of becoming more health conscious and “green.” She will be touring through six states, learning the food policy landscapes of each; interacting with farmers, local food coordinators or business owners; and working closely with the cooks and executive management to help bring local food to the performers and tour staff. Who knows? Maybe in her free time she will be able to perfect her juggling or tightwire walking skills as well…

Lisa, FPOP Cook4Health leader, will be keeping busy working in the laboratories of Dr. Rudy Leibel and the New York Stem Cell Foundation. She will continue her dissertation research, which aims to uncover the molecular pathways affected in genetic forms of childhood obesity. When she’s not in the lab, Lisa looks forward to starting her organic herb and vegetable garden (located on her fire escape), and incorporating these delicious, healthy ingredients into new Cook4Health recipes. Lisa also will take advantage of the long summer days to go for long walks in central park and train for an upcoming 5K race!


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