Correction to Food Stamp Panel Title: Food Stamps and the Fight Against Obesity

FPOP would formally like to apologize to Ed Cooney, of the Congressional Hunger Center, for utilizing the wrong title in marketing the Food Stamps Panel of April 18, 2012. The proper title of the event was Food Stamps and the Fight Against Obesity. The title that FPOP accidentally used in promoting the event, The Case For (and Against) Healthier Food Stamps, was the original draft title and was changed prior to the event. 

The title was officially changed to Food Stamps and the Fight Against Obesity because neither Mailman nor FPOP would imply that Ed Clooney or other anti-hunger advocates support the provision of unhealthy foods to underserved communities. FPOP acknowledges that anti-hunger and anti-poverty groups promote access to healthy and nutritious foods for all. There are many different avenues to promote access to healthy foods, and the opinion that food stamp use should not be limited is justified.
As SNAP currently faces drastic budgetary cuts and fierce opposition from Senator Rand Paul, public health officials should voice their support for anti-hunger organizations. FPOP, for one, salutes Mr. Cooney and the Congressional Hunger Center, and their efforts to provide access to nutritious foods.  FPOP is very appreciative of all the panelists’ participation in the food stamps panel, and we greatly valued their diverse opinions. We sincerely hope the to work with Mr. Cooney, and the Congressional Hunger Center, again soon.
FPOP e-board

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