The Weekly – September 10


Market Burger & Smashed Turnips
Courtesy Lisa Cole Burnette, FPOP

The farmer’s market located right outside of Hammer Health Sciences Library, has officially opened for the season. To give these free-range, grass fed burgers a seasonal flare, I topped them with smashed turnips. Turnips are an excellent source of fiber, Vitamins A and C, and calcium. The fresh, standout flavor from the turnips complements the beef nicely.


Position: Volunteer, The City Harvest Nutrition Education Department
Volunteer Training: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:30PM.
Location: City Harvest Office, 6 East 32nd Street
Contact: RSVP to Brittany Erdman at (917-351-8792) and/or Vivian Nieves at (917-351-8753). Space is limited.

Description: All of our programming is conducted in our Healthy Neighborhoods, which are the South Bronx; Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn; Washington Heights-Inwood; and the North Shore of Staten Island (for more information on our Healthy Neighborhoods click here). Volunteer opportunities include:

• Cooking Demonstrations – City Harvest conducts cooking demonstrations at our Mobile Markets and various retailers such as supermarkets, bodegas, and Farmers Markets.
• Shopping Matters Workshops – 2-hour long shopping tours where volunteers lead a group of
15 participants through the aisles of their community supermarket and explain affordable and healthy shopping.
• Cooking Matters Courses – 6-week cooking and nutrition education courses designed by Share Our Strength.
• City Harvest Branded Courses – an 8-week cooking and nutrition education program that teaches people the health benefits and value of produce, along with how to purchase, store and prepare it.


Fat Politics
By Eric J. Oliver

It’s not obesity, but the panic over obesity, that’s the real health problem according to political scientist, Eric Oliver. In this book he condemns what he feels is a self-interested “public health establishment”-obesity researchers seeking federal funding, pharmaceutical and weight-loss companies peddling diet drugs and regimens, bariatric surgeons and other health-care providers angling for insurance reimbursement-for claiming that fatness is a disease. Read this head-turner and let us know your reaction!


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