Lisa’s Corner – Kitchen Essentials

Essential Components of the Grad Student Kitchen

Cooking at home is almost always healthier that eating out. Restaurant meals often contain excess fat, sugar, and salt to increase taste and appearance of food, which simultaneously decreases their nutritional value. Cooking at home is also almost always less expensive that eating out or ordering take out, which is great for a grad student’s budget. Starting up a kitchen if you are a cooking novice can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In this post I’ll share with you the basic tools that I use in my kitchen and the basics that I keep in my pantry.

Essential kitchen tools:

-Large wood cutting board
-High quality chef’s r santoku knife (OR 1 average chef’s or santoku knife & a really good sharpener)
-Cerrated bread knife (also useful for slicing tomatoes)
-Large mixing bowl
-Vegetable peeler
-Wooden spoon
-Slotted spoon
-Large pot
-Small pot (ditch the colander & use the lid to drain pasta)
-Large fry pan
-Small fry pan
-Salad spinner (doubles as strainer & tupperware)
-Can opener
-Tongs, long handle
-Small food processor
-Rubber spatula
-Measuring cups
-Measuring spoons


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