The Weekly-January 29, 2012


Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes
Courtesy of Alton Brown, The Food Network

Add some spice to one of the healthiest root vegetables you will find this winter, the sweet potato which is packed with Vitamin A, C, calcium and folate and even has a high glycemic index. The butter in this recipe can be replaced with olive oil for added health benefits.


American Society for Nutrition Blog

The ASN blog covers a breadth of nutrition topics from obesity to development of functional foods, such as hypoallergenic milk. The blog is written by ASN student bloggers, including medical students, graduate, and undergraduate nutrition students.


Fat Chance: Beating The Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, And Disease 
Robert Lustig


Robert Lustig documents the science and politics that have led to the obesity and chronic disease epidemic over the last 30 years. When the government mandated that we take the fat out of food in the 1970s, we replaced it with sugar, leading to the perfect storm and driving our eating habits out of control.



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