Mailman School of Public Health & Obesity Month


This year at Mailman has been nothing short of inspirational as students joined FPOP for campus wide events such as a screening of the new foodie documentary “Fed Up” and the TEDx Manhattan 2015 Event: Changing The Way We Eat. As we look towards another few months of programming before we all spread ourselves around the globe to gain more skills during our various practicums and internships, we are very happy to say that we are partnering with the Obesity Prevention Initiative (OPI), the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the Mailman School to help address the obesity crisis during the month of April.

FPOP will be hosting a week of physical activity from April 6th-10th titled “Mailman Moves” where each day students will have the opportunity to get active and eat healthy in between classes or on a precious day-off. We will also have the wonderful opportunity to host Gary Taubes, a best selling science author and critic of controversial nutrition topics, in April for a seminar lecture and reception (please stay tuned for the final date and location!!!) Finally, we are very honored to have the opportunity to interview our esteemed neighbor from NYU, Dr. Marion Nestle, before her grand round lecture for the CUMC community (hosted April 1st in AA). We will be fielding questions next week to Dr. Nestle so please reach out to us if you have any questions (

Best and we will see you out there MOOOOVINGGGG in April!



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