Event Recap: Helena Duch, on The Role of the Home and Caregiving Environment in Early Childhood Obesity

The Duch talk last week was a smashing success! We had a full room of students eager to learn all about what Dr. Duch had to share and had some fairly engaging questions at the end.  

Dr. Duch’s presented her research on early childhood determinants of long-term health and the evaluation of parent and classroom-based interventions that were related to the bi-directional causes of micro and macrosystems .

Duch Post (2)

Duch also touched upon the regulation of self and how that related to the home cognitive environment during preschool years and their association with child overweight and obesity. She also revealed the exciting work that she was doing with the “Early Head Start” families in Washington Heights and the innovative use of physical activity measurement tools with the population.

Keep your eye out for more FPOP events!


Recap: Weight Bias and Stigma in the Media and Public Health Campaigns



Our event on weight bias and stigma with Dr. Rebecca Puhl from Yale’s Rudd Center on Thursday was a great success! Dr. Puhl addressed topics ranging from the utilization of stigmatizing images in public health campaigns, subsequent research discounting stigma as an effective tactic for addressing obesity and suggestions moving forward as public health professionals on how to avoid and address stigma in our work.  


FPOP E-Board with Dr. Puhl

One valuable resource she shared with us was the Rudd Center’s new media gallery portraying obese persons in a positive light. Participants also engaged in lively discussions about this hot topic! Stay tuned for future speakers! Our next lunch event will be on May 1st.