Cook4Health Demo Recap: Healthy Thanksgiving!


Lisa prepares cranberry sauce

Thanks to Lisa and Anabel for another great Cook4Health Demo at the Columbia Community Partnership for Health! Participants learned how to make fresh cranberry sauce from scratch and a healthy carrot side dish to spruce up their Thanksgiving celebrations!

Two participants shared their satisfaction with the demo:

“Not only did she (Lisa) show us the recipe, but she explained each ingredient and how it’s good for you, for example I learned that carrots are good for the eyes. We eat a lot of starches so it’s really good to see recipes with fresh ingredients.” – Doris

“I think they are great recipes. I am overweight and I think I can learn to make food that is better for myself. I can see that it’s so easy to make healthy food!” – Maria

Participants sample fresh food prepared by Lisa and Anabel

Be sure to save the date for our next Cook4Health Demo on December 20th!


FPOP Upcoming Event – The BIG APPLE CRUNCH!

FPOP is food awareness by encouraging everyone in NYC to crunch into a juicy apple on October 24! The Big Apple Crunch is a Food Day event in which NYC will attempt to set the record for the “Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event.” – a New York City based organization tracking new world records – will be charting NYC’s progress towards setting the record! The Big Apple Crunch is scheduled for noon on October 24th, 2012, but Crunches can also take place at any time that day and still count toward our record total. We want it to be the crunch heard ‘round the world!

Why Apples?
Apples are a healthy and seasonal food that grow abundantly in New York State and the surrounding region. In fact, New York is the second largest apple-producing state in the U.S., averaging 29.5 million bushels annually that includes 19 of the most popular varieties. The Big Apple Crunch promotes healthy eating while celebrating this delicious fruit.

How to participate:

  1. Register in advance at ! You can organize a group crunch, join another group crunch, or bite into an apple at any time that works for you!
  2. CRUNCH! Celebrate Food Day and help the Big Apple Crunch set a world record by enjoying a delicious and healthy apple!
  3. Spread the Word! Tweet about the event and any pictures you take using #BigAppleCrunch. Share a picture of your event on Tumblr at: Register your participation on the national Food Day map: