Event Recap: Caroline Wallace Gave us an Inside Look at the “Pouring on the Pounds” Campaign!

Thanks to everyone who came out for an excellent talk by Caroline Wallace from the NYCDOH and delicious healthy food! For those of you who missed it, Caroline spoke about the rationale behind the “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign that the DOH has been marketing over the last few years. Here are a few fun facts from her talk:
– The DOH works with HopStop so that if you are searching for directions to a fast food restaurant, you get an ad from the DOH.
– At the DOH, they have found that hard hitting, negative messaging has worked better than encouraging messaging for health behaviors – this can be controversial!
– The Hawaiian government liked the DOH’s ad with a man pouring packets of sugar into his mouth so much that they copied it using all Hawaiian people and a culturally appropriate setting. 
– After a movie theater banned an anti-soda ad from appearing in their theater, they received so much additional press from the incident that the DOH got more earned media without the ad than if they had been allowed to put up the ad in the first place. 

 Stay tuned for more great FPOP events next semester!


FPOP Event May 1st: Come See Caroline Wallace from the NYCDOH Talk About Obesity Related Public Health Marketing!


FPOP welcomes Caroline Wallace, MPH for her talk on “How the NYC Health Department is Using Social Marketing to Combat Obesity.” Caroline, a graduate of the Mailman School of Public Health (09) works in the department of Health Media and Marketing in the Bureau of Communications at the NYC DOH.Most of us will recognize the “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign from the subways. Come learn more at this exciting seminar!

Lunch will be served!

Recap: Weight Bias and Stigma in the Media and Public Health Campaigns



Our event on weight bias and stigma with Dr. Rebecca Puhl from Yale’s Rudd Center on Thursday was a great success! Dr. Puhl addressed topics ranging from the utilization of stigmatizing images in public health campaigns, subsequent research discounting stigma as an effective tactic for addressing obesity and suggestions moving forward as public health professionals on how to avoid and address stigma in our work.  


FPOP E-Board with Dr. Puhl

One valuable resource she shared with us was the Rudd Center’s new media gallery portraying obese persons in a positive light. Participants also engaged in lively discussions about this hot topic! Stay tuned for future speakers! Our next lunch event will be on May 1st. 

Weight Bias in News Media and Public Health Campaigns: Are We Fighting Obesity or Obese Persons?

Weight Bias in News Media  and Public Health Campaigns:  Are We Fighting Obesity  or Obese Persons?

Dr. Rebecca Puhl
Director of Research and Weight Stigma Initiatives at The Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Thursday March 28th 11:30AM-1 PM
Hess Commons

Weight stigmatization towards obese individuals occurs in many domains of daily living and poses debilitating consequences for psychological wellbeing, social functioning, and physical health. Dr. Puhl will present the current evidence on this important topic, highlighting recent research about the role that weight stigmatization plays in the news media, its damaging presence in public health campaigns, and potential societal-level strategies and policies that could help reduce this pervasive stigma and prejudice. 

First Seminar of the Spring Semester Brown Bag Series!

First Seminar of the Spring Semester Brown Bag Series!