The Weekly


Quinoa with Spiced Lentil Dal
Courtesy of Martha Rose Shulman, New York Times

This hearty quinoa and lentil dish is perfect for those chilly winter nights and packs a ton of protein and complex carbohydrates to keep you going strong. Bonus – it’s also vegan!

Article of Interest

Pig Manure Reveals More Reason To Worry About Antibiotics 
Dan Charles, 2013, The Salt, NPR

We know that antibiotic use among meat raised for consumption is ubiquitous but this article presents more evidence to worry about over use of antibiotics.  Read about antibiotic resistant bacteria in this article from NPR.


The American Way of Eating
Tracie McMillan


Tracie McMillar goes undercover to discover what life as a vegetable picker, Walmart employee and Applebee’s waitress is really like. Take a look behind the scenes of America’s food system!


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