Who We Are

Current E-board (2017)

President: Kylie Repasy

Having spent the past 4 years in Jacksonville, Florida as a classroom teacher, grant program manager, and health educator/curriculum developer, Kylie has gained a unique view of food, and all its various implications. In serving her students federally-funded breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she has become particularly interested in how food policy and the built environment can support (or, in some cases, hinder) a person’s ability to consume foods that promote physical and mental health. This interest inspired Kylie to become an active member of the Duval County Food Policy Council and the Healthy Jacksonville Childhood Obesity Coalition where she gained a better understanding of community-based efforts to address nutrition-related health concerns from the ground up. Kylie is currently pursuing an MPH in the Department of Sociomedical Sciences with a concentration in health policy. With a focus on school-based health, she is hoping to combine her passion for sound food policy and education to inspire a healthier generation of kids.

Treasurer and VP of Operations: Shea Doyle

Shea is an MPH student in the Department of Health Policy and Management pursing a certificate in Health Policy Analysis. Before becoming a student at Columbia University, Shea studied Marketing at the University of Notre Dame and moved to NYC to work in corporate marketing at KPMG. She always had a passion for food and health but never thought she could pursue a career in this area. But through community service with the NYC Coalition Against Hunger and fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, Shea decided to make a major career shift and go back to school. She is currently working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center within their Food to Overcome Outcomes Disparity (FOOD) program where she works with cancer patients who are food insecure as they go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Upon completion of her MPH, Shea would like a career in food policy looking at improvements in the school meal programs.

VP of Communications: Sara Scheineson

Sara is an MPH student in the Sociomedical Sciences department pursuing a certificate in Health Promotion Research and Practice. Her interest in food policy and obesity prevention first came from a personal affinity for health-minded cooking and distance running. Over time that interest evolved into a passion for better understanding the barriers to healthy eating and physical activity, specifically among underserved populations. Prior to Mailman, Sara worked for several years as a communications and marketing professional at the Partnership for a Healthier America, a DC-based nonprofit committed to making healthier choices easier, all in an effort to end childhood obesity within a generation. This work left her with a broader understanding of how the built environment was jeopardizing the health of communities across the nation, and a desire to address these issues on a societal level. She couldn’t be happier to be working with FPOP to help advance the conversation around food justice and health equity on Mailman’s campus. Upon graduation, Sara plans to work to develop and advance programs and policies designed to increase access to healthier options within New York City and beyond.

VP of External Relations: Lauren Kalbfell

Lauren is passionate about food justice because she believes food is the ultimate vehicle for community organizing. She grew up in a semi-rural part of New York with ties to farming and growing, and from work in different non-profit programs and life in different cities she became passionate about equal access to healthy food for all. Lauren worked for Community Food Bank for Southern Arizona piloting a farm summer camp program for youth, and spent a few years as a program manager at Harlem RBI (Now DREAM)- which taught her the need for food sovereignty in communities to combat chronic disease and negative health outcomes.  She is currently studying in the Health Policy and Management Department to receive an MPH with a concentration in Health Policy Analysis.

VP of Student Engagement: Abigail Gendler
Abigail is an MPH student in the Department of Health Policy and Management. She first became interested in food policy-related work through the lens of environmental sustainability as an undergraduate at Lehigh University. Through her studies and research, she became focused on the environmental and health impacts of the food system. Interning with a variety of organizations: The Food Trust in Philadelphia, Sodexo (Lehigh’s Dining Services), and Get Healthy CT at Yale New Haven Health, Abigail aimed to have a greater impact on improving the accessibility of sustainable, nutritious, and affordable food. She spent two years working in the Office of Medical Education at NYU School of Medicine prior to coming to Mailman. Abigail is extremely excited to be working with FPOP to continue to bring the conversation around food and public health to the Mailman community and beyond. After completing the MPH program, Abigail hopes to work toward fixing the food system, ensuring that more people have access to better food.



Our Wonderful FPOP Alumni!

Ashley Gripper, MPH Candidate, 2017

Samantha Cinnick, MPH Candidate, 2017

Kate LaForge, MPH Candidate, 2017

Kalen Hermanson, MPH Candidate, 2017

Sahanna Bhatt, MPHA Candidate, 2017

Annie Valik, MPH Candidate 2016

Sarah Kunkle, MPH Candidate 2016

Vienna McLeod, MPH Candidate 2016

Julia Yao, MPH Candidate 2016

Whitney Peters, MPH Candidate 2015

Frank Chen, MPH Candidate 2015

Alyson Jensen, MPH Candidate 2015

Amy Lanza, MPH Candidate 2015

Mike White, MPH Candidate 2015

Lisa Cole, PhD Candidate, IHN

Rod Aminian, MPH Candidate 2014

Janice Pan, MPH Candidate 2014

Jaclyn Clenney, President, Graduated 2013

Erica Irvin, Vice President, Graduated 2013

Tanya Kaufman, Secretary, Graduated 2013

Willow Yonika, Marketing and Design, Graduated 2012

Andrea Popovech, Communications, Graduated 2012

Mariana Cotlear, Co-Founder, Graduated 2011

Carlye Burd, President and Co-Founder, Graduated 2011

Amber Hsiao, Marketing, Graduated 2011